Hotel Cater Benefits

Enhancing and simplfying the dynamic-pricing task of revenue-managers of independent hotels for perishable hotel rooms within the highly-competitive online travel agency market having elastic demand from cost-sensitive customers.

24/7 revenue management support

We at Hotelcater understand that your privacy while performing transactions is a hyper sensitive activity and this needs to be taken utmost care. So we have a 24/7 online support system who would love to listen to your queries.

Save time and money; stops revenue leaks

We have a vast experience of more than 8 years in this field Hence we have a team of highly experienced professionals who use a strong system of management, which leads to no case of leaks of revenue or sensitive information.

Yield management is seamless & real-time

Yield management is reffered as said as changing the requirements according to different factors of environment but with the help of seamless and real time yield management, we don’t let different factors affect our service standards.

Cost-per-reservation analysis

Cost per reservation analysis refers to managing of occupancy for giving the beloved guest the best quality of service, In other words promising rooms as per the occupancy available. Providing guest enquiry when it is needed the most and providing the best rates as per the services offered. Hotelcater gives extra attention towards Cost-per-reservation as this is the main factor which leads trust towards us.

Personalized revenue management service

Hotelcater helps its customers by providing personalized revenue management system service, In this service all the transaction details of the customers is kept confidential. No matter how many number of customer come at one time, we help them by availing our best personalized revenue management service.

No more managing Extranets

Managing Extranets refers to directly making the reservation and fiddling into different formalities. At hotelcaters our customers don’t need to worry about that as we make all the necessary arrangement in advance, So that all the reservation process becomes seamless and easy.

Hotel can focus on guest satisfaction & service scores

Serving the guest the best of their ability is the main agenda in Hotel industry and for that hotels needs to make sure that each and everything is up to the quality standards. To make this happen we at hotelcaters work tirelessly to make your experience the best of your expectation, So that the guest is satisfied and provides hotels some good service score.

Support for Ownership, GM, Front Desk and Sales Team

Providing service is a very important part of any kind of business, it is not always the customer who requires the support but sometimes the hotel staff such as GM, Sales team or the Front desk might have some issues regarding the reservations. So in order to make the best experience of the guest hotelcaters has an award winning support for the working staff as well.

A Revenue Management Team that is able to integrate with your hotel without delay for instant revenue success

The best part of hotelcaters is that we give our customers top notch priority and building confidence in between the customer and the firm. We make sure that our team integrates with the particular hotel and gives the customer instant success which leads to a sense of trust in hotelcaters.

Enhance RevPar performance – Capture share

RevPar stands for revenue per hotel room and if this is increased than this will end up in providing the guest a better service in a long run.

Cost effective solution without hiring

We at hotelcaters give cost effective solution without hiring any kind of external services which shows that immense amount of results and gives us and our customers a fair sense of confidence on us.

Specialize working with independent boutique hotels and resorts

We at hotelcaters have specialized working with many reputed boutique hotels and resorts which can change and adapt themselves as per your personal requirements.